About Us

AR Porta Cabins is progressing towards growth, in leaps and bounds under the guidance & management of Mr. Tippu Sultan (Director) who has a profound background and a lot of experience in the field of Pre Fabricated Solutions.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India AR Porta Cabins with the experience of more than a decade has been providing modular buildings to meet the space needs of major markets, which includes education, commercial, construction, development, government, health care, industrial, manufacturing, petrochemical, retail& Real estate fraternity etc. We have the options of rent and sell Modular and Portable Offices, ACP Cabins, Bunk Houses, Cargo Containers, Factory Sheds, Gazebos, Modular Kitchens, Labour Sheds, Site Offices and Truss Work storage containers etc.

Our range of products can be customized to suit all requirements of construction and housing needs from portable offices, labour sheds, bunk houses, factory sheds, security cabins, site offices to even residential units. With the extensive expansion of Industrial sector, the need for dynamic production and quality assurance remains a pivotal focal issue for our company, developing new and robust design innovations.

Modernization and development through the introduction of new technologies and materials have helped bring AR Porta Cabins to progress with the ever changing Industrial and residential environment. AR Porta Cabins continues to grow in stature with each successful completion and delivery of our products to your satisfaction. We fully comprehend environmental issues, as we continue to develop, innovate and deliver to your satisfaction.

We are passionate about solving space problems. It began with the creation of an office on wheels that could move along with crews as they built miles of interstate highways. It continues to evolve today with panelized products that can be configured in a multitude of ways to thoughtfully curated packages – our 360⁰ Service packages with a mix of furniture, appliances and add-ons –that outfit your mobile office with everything you need to be “Ready to Work”.

What prompts the need for a Portable Office or additional space?

The most typical reasons are company growth, new construction, renovations, changes in current structures & disasters created by natural and man-made origins, safe storage place, labor sheds etc. It can also be dictated by practicality and timing. Compared to traditional construction, modular buildings are ready for occupation faster and easy to expand, reduce, relocate or remove. Whether you choose one of our solutions by industry made options, end use, or specific model, we want to make your experience easy, efficient, and economical. With the addition of our 360⁰ Service packages, that ease of doing business is increased tenfold.

Our Mission

"AR Porta Cabins is dedicated to providing high-quality products and services at resonable prices to its clients who seek a cost effective and professional experience. We intend to make enough profit to generate a fair return for our investors and to finance continued growth and development in quality products. We also maintain a great work environment for our employees."

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Passion
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation

Why choose AR Porta Cabins

Managing Expenses

Rest assured that you will not receive additional unanticipated expenses for property taxes, equipment licensing and repair of issues related to normal wear and tear. Your relationship with AR Porta Cabins ensures that we will gladly take care of these items, freeing up your time and money. While other companies may bury fees and taxes for each & every service, like these deep in contractual terms, AR Porta Cabins offers a no hidden fees assurance.


When you’re in need of space, you don’t want to wait months to receive your building. We understand that your needs often dictate expediency, so having the right building available when you need it is crucial. We have a large selection of quality buildings in stock and ready to deliver, with a variety of floor plan options from which to choose.


You’ll consistently receive clean, well-maintained buildings that are ready for occupancy. Our fleet is carefully inspected and quality-controlled prior to delivery. Our strict construction standards are unique in the industry and help to ensure that whether you need one building or one hundred, you’ll receive the same quality throughout.


If you know exactly what you need, we'll provide it for you quickly and efficiently. If you aren't familiar with modular buildings, then you will appreciate the experience of our staff and their ability to assist in your selection. We are familiar with city codes and state regulations, and we'll help you navigate the process with ease. Furthermore, our Sales Specialists receive the best training in the industry - so your job will run smoothly.


We care about each and every customer, whether your project is large or small. Our focus is to provide excellent service at every stage of the project, from the time you call for a quote to installation of the building on site. And, should the need arise, we will respond promptly to your request for service.


Wide-open spaces or an office for everyone, it’s our ability to customize your building that really sets us apart. If you need a particular interior layout, we can easily modify an existing building at our location, keeping your costs down, and minimizing hassles at the site.

AR Porta Cabins Green

At AR Porta Cabins we are doing our part. Please partner with us in helping us to do our small part for the environment, not only for this generation but all future generations to come.